Mysterious Injuries

Function MovementA person with an exercise- or sports-related injury has many questions: When can I start exercising? When can I get back to my sport? What can I do to prevent this from happening again?There are three main sources of training injuries:

(1) under-preparation,

(2) over-training, and

(3) preexisiting biomechanical imbalances.

Under-preparation means doing things you’re not ready to do. People who have never done aerobic exercise go out and try to run five miles. People who have never done strength training go to the gym and try to lift weights that are too heavy. Good principles to follow include starting slowly, starting with the basics, and making sure to include rest days in your training program to build up your strength and stamina.

Over-training me

How do you know when you’re over-training? The key is to train smart, and to be aware of the possibility of over-training. The temptation to do more is always there, but the result is never good. The short-term gratification is completely outweighed by

But even if a person is doing all the right things, there are underlying issues that may predispose that person to injury.