Leveraging the Body’s Intelligent Design

Okay, it’s true, we want to talk about your body. But in the way that makes you feel empowered and beautiful – because you really are.

Let’s face it. The human body gives us fits from time to time. That’s no wonder, considering there are something in the vicinity of 100 billion nerves constantly sending little tweets to your brain. So when your body wants to alert mission control that something is out of whack, it delivers the news loud and clear, 24/7, with painful and often overwhelming clarity.

The key is to know what those vital signals mean, how to acknowledge and respond to them, and how to make the necessary repairs to accelerate healing and positive energy. That is what will turn off the pain so you can go back to enjoying your life.

That is MyoTechnology’s expertise in a nutshell – to utilize your body’s intelligence and natural healing processes and mechanisms to achieve a desirable outcome as soon as possible.

Imagine, if you will, having a problem with your laptop that has knocked you off line and ruined your productivity and performance. What if there were an expert IT team – with lots of training, intuitive knowledge, and innovative techie gadgets and tools – who could swoop in and have you up and running in no time at all? That’s essentially what MyoTechnology does for the computer system that is your body.

We often help heal lingering sports or accident injuries that have baffled other health care providers. We can return some order and balance, where you now feel disordered and out of alignment. If that returns a smile to your face and some spring in your step, you’ll get all the credit and the rewards of feeling fabulous once again.

Our satisfaction comes from seeing the results when we combine natural healing with forward-thinking wellness procedures, products, and applications. We don’t merely use these kinds of therapeutic tools. We invent them and share them with other wellness experts, professional trainers, medical practitioners, and clients throughout the country.

Your body is smart, and has a highly evolved system of regeneration, recovery, and self-protection. In fact, your body is the best doctor you have. So why do you need MyoTechnology? We are focused on listening to the signals your body gives off, interpreting its symptoms, and responding appropriately with the least invasive but most effective treatment protocols. We listen to you and your body and we offer solutions to reduce potential injury while enhancing your quality of life.

( LIFE ! GO GET IT ! ) Manny at Myotechnology


A Non-Invasive Treatment for Pain with Immediate Results

Got a pain in the neck?  MyoTechnology would like to introduce you to Class IV Laser Technology.  In fact, Class IV Laser treatments can assist with acute afflictions throughout the body from TMJ and neck pain to acute disc herniation and shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis and even relieves pain from Achilles tendinitis and acute ankle sprain.

A Non-Invasive Treatment for Pain with Immediate Results – It is effective for acute and chronic conditions throughout the body, and often Class IV laser therapy is incorporated into routine protocols after surgery and dental procedures to reduce post-procedure pain and inflammation.  This is because tissue that is damaged and poorly oxygenated as a result of swelling, trauma or inflammation has been shown to respond significantly to laser therapy irradiation.Are you suffering with pain?

Patients often feel immediate relief from inflammation, spasms, stiffness and PAIN.  It is a drug-free, non-invasive procedure that is proven to accelerate tissue healing and improve circulation.  Promoting natural healing in this way helps to alleviate symptoms with no side effects, no scar tissue; and the effects are cumulative!

How it Works – Class IV lasers are designed for deeper penetration and higher dosage to the tissue in order to stimulate cells to produce more nutrients and draw more oxygen to the damaged areas.  These deep penetrating photons activate a biochemical cascade of events that result in rapid cellular regeneration, normalization and healing.

This type of treatment also releases tissue endorphins and affects nerve cells, resulting in a decreased perception of pain.  It also reduces edema through the dilation of the lymphatic vessels and accelerates healing with increased blood flow.

The procedure, itself, is pain-free.  Patients merely experience a gentle and comfortable warming sensation in the area being treated which can have quite a calming effect.

Amazing Results – Patients often notice relief of pain after the very first treatment; and their need for medication reduces, even sometimes leading to the eliminated need for narcotic pain medications.  People report being able to sleep better and have a true appreciation for their improved quality of life.

If you would like to understand more about this procedure, feel free to peruse our Research area on our website at http://myotechnology.com/research/.  When you are ready to begin your pain-relieving sessions, feel free to call us at 405-504-4105.