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There are two symptoms that I can say I see quite often in my clinic; “Muscle pain” and “fatigue”. It seems that no matter what the initial presenting symptoms that my client came in to see me for, whether it be for stress, insomnia or any other medley of presenting complaints, inevitably, during the review of symptoms, the client usually will share that he or she struggles with some type of pain or fatigue.

When clients come in with these two common symptoms, the cause is usually related to some type of acute or chronic injury. However, in some cases symptoms may be caused by nutrient deficiencies, endocrine or autoimmune issues, even adrenal fatigue. On occasion, it is necessary to refer a client for further testing.

So, imagine my surprise and frustration, when one of these clients walked into my clinic and after evaluation and treatment of these major categories, the client did not improve in his or her symptoms of fatigue and generalized muscle aches and pains.

It’s for this reason that I have spent many hours researching, investigating and testing numerous therapies that could possibly assist the human body to repair, rebuild and enhance an individual to achieve a higher quality of life.

Common knowledge tells us that healthy blood circulation equates to a healthier and longer life. Blood delivers the oxygen and nutrients necessary for the body to rebuild itself at the cellular level; anything we can do to help our body with that process is of great value.

In my experience, Renew therapy has proven to be an incredibly versatile tool for this purpose. My clients will often feel relief from inflammation, spasms, stiffness and PAIN within a few sessions. It is a drug-free, non-invasive procedure that is proven to accelerate tissue healing and improve circulation. Promoting natural healing in this way helps to alleviate symptoms with no side effects, no scar tissue; and the effects are cumulative!

How does Renew therapy work? Renew is designed to utilize compression to enhance the flow of blood penetration to the tissue in order to stimulate cells to produce more nutrients and draw more oxygen to the damaged areas. This deep penetrating blood flow activates a biochemical cascade of events that result in rapid cellular regeneration, normalization and healing.

This type of treatment also releases tissue endorphins and affects nerve cells, resulting in a decreased perception of pain. It also reduces edema through the dilation and constriction of the lymphatic vessels and accelerates healing with the increased blood flow.

The procedure, itself, is pain-free. Clients merely experience a mild to moderate and comfortable squeezing rhythmic sensation on the legs and thighs, which can have quite a calming effect after the client has adjusted to the sensation.

Amazing Results – Patients often notice relief of pain after only a few sessions. Their need for medication reduces, even sometimes leading to the eliminated need for narcotic pain medications. People report being able to sleep better and have a true appreciation for their improved quality of life.

Life, Go get it!

Manny Camara



Through history, from time to time, mankind develops or discovers a remarkable form of health technology. Often, this technology is designed to treat one specific condition, but given enough time, research and development, followed by an “Aha!” moment, mankind discovers that this new technology has far more beneficial implications for mankind.

As director of Myotechnology, my therapy clinic for the past 30 years, I have seen my fair share of therapy devices, gismos, and techniques come and go. When it comes to utilizing modalities and techniques in my clinics, one of my company mantras has always been, “Show me your data & quantifiable evidence or there is the door.”

Having shared this with you now, I can honestly say I have spent hundreds of hours researching the efficacy of many different therapies and devices in the past 30 years, more recently, one of these devices is known as the Renew therapy device. I was very interested in this technology due to the fact it there are over 300 case studies that scientifically prove that it helps enhance blood circulation back to the heart and out to the body.

You see, blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to every cell in the body, it helps eliminate toxins, and bi-product from the body, if a therapy device could enhance that phenomenon it would be worth its weight in gold. I would even go as far as to call it the Holy Grail of athletic recovery. I acquired one of the Renew therapy units and embarked on my own in-house research to see what it could do.

I started with three short treatments per week on Mark, one of my elite marathon runners. My team documented physiological changes with his body but we were also very interested in what his experience was while going through the treatment protocol so we documented any perceived changes as well.

Mark trains 15 hours on average weekly; morning and evening sets include:

  • An average training mile time of 5.19
  • Average track day: 25 /400 meter runs at 70 sec. each.
  • Average total weekly training mileage: 142 miles

After my first three sessions with Mark, he noted he felt more refreshed during and after his training runs, and felt more rested waking up in mornings. Mark’s average resting heart rate also decreased from 48 bpm to 45 bpm. After six sessions, he noted his track training times are on average faster than before. His 400 meter now 65 to 68, average mile time is now at 5.15 (Personal best) and Mark’s resting heart was now at 42 bpm. After nine sessions, he noted average faster training times, his 400 meter 62 to 65, average mile time now 5.08 (Personal best) and resting heart rate 36 to 38 bpm.

At this point, we were convinced that Renew therapy was helping in the recovery process, as well as making his heart more efficient. We decided to conduct an additional test by eliminating one of Mark’s long mileage training days for an additional four weeks and replaced it with a 45 minute Renew session.

After 12 sessions over 4 weeks, Mark noted faster average training times

  • 400 meter now at 61 to 63 seconds
  • Mile time now 5.03 (Personal best)
  • Resting heart rate 33 to 35 bpm

In the end, Mark’s averages had improved, despite his reduced training time. How? We concluded that the introduction of the Renew therapy to Mark’s training program helped his heart work more efficiently, increasing the blood flow reduced the amount of workload on his heart and allowed him to increase his cardio output without having to train as much. This proved to be very beneficial as less training equates to less fatigue and physical stress on the body. Needless to say, Renew Therapy is now a part of our clinic’s Mixed method Recovery System.

Life, Go get it!

Manny Camara