How it Works


The MyoVibe’s powerful horizontal and vertical vibrations destabilize your body during a workout, requiring you to correct the instability while completing your exercise.

These vibrations are produced in waves, allowing a second’s rest from all that muscle activity. The MyoVibe vibrations also stimulate the natural body movements made accompanying physical exertion. Read the benefits



work out harder, faster

The constant micro adjustments required by the constant vibration causes your body to work 4 to 5 times harder, significantly reducing workout time.

What would normally require one hour can be cut down to only 15 minutes, while still maintaining the integrity of a full range of exercise benefits like improved endurance, strength, muscle tone, and weight loss or rehabilitation.

First-time users and fitness veterans alike will experience a more satisfying workout with the MyoVibe.

high intensity results with the effort of low impact exercises

The MyoVibe mimics the fitness achieved through higher intensity exercise with low impact movements. It directly increases muscle mass and bone density while also toning muscles. The stabilization efforts required improve balance, stability, motor functions, and overall coordination. 

Whether you’re a teenager or a senior, the MyoVibe’s exercises are custom tailored for you.



recover quickly

Exercise creates stresses on the body that require rebuilding time to both recover and build new muscle as it positively adapts to the training efforts. The MyoVibe aids this recovery by stimulating lymphatic flush, easing pain, promoting faster muscle and tendon recovery, and helping you return stronger. 

Regular use leads to faster preparation, better performance, and quicker recovery.