MyoVibe Vibration Training Platform


The MyoVibe whole body vibration platform emits horizontal and vertical vibrations and the muscles in your body will pick up on the energy transmitted from the vibrations and stimulate your soft tissue, ligaments, tendons and bones to give you an incredible workout and the best possible health benefits.

Backed by research and professionals, the MyoVibe delivers results to individuals all around the globe, from pro athletes, health clubs and studios, to medical facilities. 

  • Easy-to-use

  • Increases muscle strength and flexibility

  • Reduces recovery time after exercise

  • Alleviates pain



The MyoVibe is the only vibration training platform created in three unique sizes. Because of its size and power, you can perform more exercises than you otherwise could on smaller, less powerful vibration plates. 

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Maximize your workout time, get a competitive edge, or recover from injury — the MyoVibe will help you do it all. From stretching, yoga, strength training, to plyometrics — there is something for every one.

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With every MyoVibe purchase, you will receive two 30-minute training sessions for free ($99 value). These sessions will teach you how to use the MyoVibe correctly and efficiently.

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