Whole body vibration training – the proof is in the pudding

Have you been to the gym lately and spotted someone doing a workout on a vibration training platform? You likely wondered what the platform was, who it’s for and why would someone need it. Well, the answers are pretty simple – read on.

Let’s quickly start with the basics – what is whole body vibration training and how does it work? Whole body vibration platforms emit horizontal and/or vertical vibrations when you are standing on it. The muscles in your body will pick up on the energy transmitted from the vibrations and stimulate your soft tissue, ligaments, tendons and bones to give you the best possible health benefits.

Benefits of whole body vibration:

  1. Improve muscle strength – Numerous studies show that exercises combined with whole body vibration can produce more substantial strength gains. Stronger bodies allow for us to be more fit, active and lead a healthy life.

  2. Improve explosive strength – Using whole body vibration will also improve your explosive strength, such as vertical jumping and other activities that require bursts of explosive motion, such as tennis, skiing and hiking.

  3. Get results in less time – The constant micro adjustments your body makes on vibration platforms cause your body to work 4 to 5 times harder and, therefore, you won’t need to exercise as long. In our busy lives, this is an incredible benefit.

  4. Boost weight loss and abdominal fat loss – Studies show vibration workouts delivered the best results in terms of weight loss and abdominal fat loss when combined with a healthy diet. Abdominal fat is a predictor of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance so anything that can reduce fat in this area is very beneficial. 

  5. Reduce the impact of stress – Use of a vibration platform can help reduce cortisol levels. Cortisol is the hormone released when our bodies are in a state of stress and elevated levels of cortisol interfere with learning and memory, can cause headaches, and even anxiety and depression. 

  6. Reduce back pain – Because proper form and posture are a must on vibration platforms, back pain can be reduced when using a vibration platform. Improvement in your posture should help decrease back pain over time.

  7. Increase bone density – Research shows that whole body vibration is seen as an effective way to strengthen the bones density and even standing or sitting on a vibrating platform can help. Increased bone density is helpful for everyone including the elderly, post-menopausal women, and even young women who want to prevent osteoporosis later in life.

  8. Improve balance and coordination – Daily exercise helps improve balance, coordination, and flexibility and training on a vibration platform is a great way to improve all of these aspects. Vibration platforms can used by people of all ages and with varying athletic abilities. 

  9. Increase oxygen and energy expenditure during exercise – Your muscles rely on oxygen to create more energy which allows you to sustain your workout and therefore get stronger.

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