Nicki H. Millbrae, CA

Nicki H.
Millbrae, CA


“Turns out that when I initially had a bout of costochondritis it was actually the start of a chronic pain problem (fibromyalgia). Manny cured the costochondritis, and his treatments have been the most effective treatment for my body pain. Because of his work, I'm able to keep working and functioning at a close to normal level. I even had my first daughter last year, and there's no way I would have survived the pains of pregnancy without Manny's help. I highly recommend him and his team.”

Bob M. San Jose, CA

Bob M.
San Jose, CA


“I started seeing Manny over 15 years ago for massages and he can work magic.  He invented a percussion gun that really gets deep into muscles.  I have him use it exclusively now and it feels great.  He has a terrific understanding of anatomy and lots of therapies to treat a variety of tissue problems.  I highly recommend his services.”

Michelle B. Los Gatos, CA

Michelle B.
Los Gatos, CA


“As a National Level Figure Athlete I get a lot of body work done.  I have to say Manny is extremely knowledgeable and creative.  The good old school massage techniques don' t always resolve the tissue problems I have.  He is able to take new technology and combine it with massage, percussion, and knowledge of muscle movement to get the results that I need.  He works on many professional athletes as well as the average person that needs body work. He is very professional and reasonably priced. I highly recommend him to friends and send my clients to him as well.”

J.G. San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA


“Talk about a miracle! I have had pain in my shoulder for years stemming from a motorcycle accident and after a couple sessions with Manny I started feeling a whole lot better. I cant recommend him enough. Thanks so much.”

Tracy H. Saratoga, CA

Tracy H.
Saratoga, CA


“I hate to admit how great Manny is, because he is already busy! I also make sure to book my next appointment on the way out. I carry his cards because if you start telling me about pain, I'm going to start recommending Manny! My shoulder was frozen and very painful when I first came in 2 years ago. I had been through rehab with Kaiser and Stanford PT, and at the time I met Manny was unable to sleep through the night, lift my arm, lay on my side etc. I was in pain 24/7. My choices were shots, or shots and surgery. Through consistent Myotherapy, Manny broke up the adhesions. It was not fun and I can't say if felt anywhere near nice. Manny does do incredible regular massage, but it is his expertise in healing that I go for. He has many tools that hes invented, and his knowledge is amazing. Today I have no pain in my shoulder and I am back to working out and enjoying life. I still see Manny for the many painful things that come up, and he is the BEST!!!! I need more stars for MyoTechnology!”

Van X. Sunnyvale, CA

Van X.
Sunnyvale, CA


“I had been suffering from lower back pain for two and a half years after a string of recurrent weight lifting injuries while squatting.  Usually bed rest, followed by running and stretching fixes everything for me.  However, it didn't heal, and gradually everything began to fall out of shape and the fat piled on since I couldn't even run properly.  I had a couple of good deep tissue massages where the lower back felt good for a few hours, but mostly just a general feeling of relief before falling back into hell.  Enter Manny.  Manny put me on the table for 90 minutes, did the magical machine all over my body, followed by what he called 'assisted yoga'.  The whole time while stretching I was expecting some painful twists or jerks, but it was just smooth sailing and breathing through the stretch.  At the end I thought this would just be another temporary relief, but as soon as I got off the table I was shocked to find that I had my entire movement back, with just a slight tingle of pain in my lower back.  Of course, the pain returned after a few days, to a much lesser degree, but Manny had me back for another three sessions, and taught me stretches to keep the key area loose on a daily basis.  Well, can you believe it that after 3 months of that first session with Manny I'm running on the road again, but now focusing on building stamina and not ignoring the crippling pain!  I'm so thrilled, I can run longer, easier, have more flexibility, and almost no pain.  If I were a professional athlete, I would get a myofascial massage with Manny on a regular basis.  If you've just got a niggling pain that wont go away, give Manny a try.  If you're just not as active as you used to be, try his 90 minute session, and usually that'll get you back to active shape.  Thanks Manny, you gave me my life back!”